MiniYOGI cards are available for pre-order!

I am very happy to announce you the pre-launch of the MiniYOGI cards.

This first set of animal-illustrated Kids yoga cards is a playful way to have little ones develop their flexibility, strength, and feel more relaxed!

Each card feature an animal nicely illustrated, the back provides simple explanations and benefits of the posture.

A set of Rules & Instructions gives a list of ideas on how to use the cards. Kids (or grown-ups) might just pick the card of their mood  and copy the pose. They could also create a class, following a theme, as there are 8 families: Stretch, Challenge….  If playing with friends, they could “Sculpt the pose" by positioning the limbs of their partner...  Cards could be used for a quiet 3 minutes relaxation before bed, or for a full yoga session at home…

Ready to play? Pre-Order your MiniYOGI cards today, and receive them in November – worldwide deliveries!- from


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