Relax on your magic carpet!

Do you have a mat? Let's unroll it, and here we go for a relaxing adventure...

Love this script from KAY!

"Lie on your back with your arms and legs by your side. Lift one leg just a few inches off the ground and squeeze it and hold it, drop it down, roll it around and just forget about it.

Repeat on the other leg, or do both at the same time.

Raise one arm, spread your fingers out wide, make a tight fist, roll it around in both directions and squeeze your whole arm and then just drop it down, shake it out and forget about it. Repeat on the other arm, or do both at the same time.


Blow your belly up like a balloon, hold it, take your finger and pop your balloon on your belly button and make a noise and let the air out. Do it again. Open your mouth as wide as you can and suck your tongue out. Suck your cheeks in and make a fish face. Close your mouth and blow your cheeks up. Make a really tight prune face and scrunch everything up. Release. Let your face be soft.


Now when I see that you are lying really still I will come by and give you the spaghetti test, which means I am going to gently pick up your foot and lightly shake it to make sure your muscles are relaxed like a piece of overcooked spaghetti. If you do not wish to be touched, that is no problem. Just place your hand on your tummy and I will pass on by. Remember, you need to be really still.

Magic Carpet

As you’ve been resting, your yoga mat has turned into a magic carpet, one that can soar through the sky. What does your magic carpet look like? Is it soft and cushiony or is it sleek and shiny like a racecar? Your carpet could have dangling tassels, shining lights, or even be invisible to other people.

When you are very still, you can feel your carpet lifting you up into the air, right through the ceiling and into the wide open sky. Higher and higher you go, up toward the clouds. The higher you go, the safer you feel. Up with the birds and even above airplanes flying, you can peek over the edge of your magic carpet and see your neighborhood way down below. Isn’t it so beauAful up here in the sky? The wind feels so refreshing on your skin and the air smells so fresh.

You get to decide where your magic carpet goes. It can take you anywhere - your favorite place, a place you’ve never been, even to a completely imaginary place. Silently ask your magic carpet to take you to a peaceful place that makes you feel happy and safe. You can feel your carpet start to move more quickly toward your peaceful place. Can you see it in the distance?

Your magic carpet lands gently exactly where you asked it to go. Look around, where are you? Name three sounds you hear. What does your peaceful place smell like? Rest here and explore this peaceful place. You can decorate it or plant a garden. You could rest in the shade with a snack. You could explore this place - it is yours, afterall."


Picture from Princetown Kids