As a mother of 3 daughters, Sophie pursues her greatest passions: children and yoga.

For years, she has focused on teaching her students the Fun, Happiness, Peace and Relaxation that comes through the practice of yoga.

She trained in Singapore, India and London to become a qualified and certified yoga teacher for adults, expecting mothers and children – including those with special needs. As an e-RYT and RCYT certified teacher, she founded her studio So Yoga in Singapore and is teaching tens of kids yoga classes every week! She is also studying children's psychology.

Children transform weekly into cats, warriors and flamingos... They practice yoga while playing and play while practicing yoga. Introducing children to yoga according to Sophie should always be active, lively and joyful. Parents often ask her for advice and tips on how to incorporate yoga into their home.

MiniYOGI was created for and by children!

She then came up with the idea of a kids yoga “world” that would be soft, colourful, accessible from home or just anywhere. Sophie collaborated with talented illustrators and graphic designers to create this MiniYOGI universe. 

Veronique HarigaStephanie Lehembre

She created the cards, and wrote a series of yoga “notebooks” based on feedback from children and their parents. MiniYOGI is a playful concept of yoga poses, stimulating imagination while entertaining and educating kids. The cards illustrations are animals-inspired, while each book is based on an animal, representing a yoga concept: The Elephant of Wisdom, the Flamingo of Balance… 

The MiniYOGI mats were designed with love.. They’re incredibly soft, beautiful and colourful!

Eye Pillows were created to soften kids eyes while relaxing… 

Whether or not you and your children have an opportunity to practice yoga in a studio, MiniYOGI is the perfect friend for a home practice.