School teachers: you can bring MiniYOGI into your classrooms!

Yoga at school

MiniYOGI cards are an amazing tool for kindergarten, primary teachers or PE coaches, to make kids move and feel happier at school. They're also a great asset for school libraries!
It is now proven that yoga helps young students release stress and feel more joyful. As kids learn to stretch, relax, and focus in a fun and non competitive environment, they are also introduced to a healthier lifestyle. MiniYOGI cards were created to bring these benefits into kids' lives - so into classrooms too!

The 50 cards are large enough to be used in classrooms.

I’d be honored to communicate with you and see how we could spread the benefits of these cards to many students. I am happy to explain further how to use the cards safely in a classroom, just contact me


Yoga Teachers: you can become a MiniYOGI Ambassador!

kids yoga practice at school sport roomIf you love kids, yoga and our cards, you can join our family!

Our affiliate program for influential, certified yoga teachers, helps to spread the good vibes of the MiniYOGI cards to many children and families!  Your recommendations will help your students choose the right products for their practice, and give you the opportunity to be rewarded for sharing.

As an ambassador, you will receive a promo code, for your students to redeem a discount and for you to receive a commission:-)

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Ready for a kids yoga training ?

Sophie Spoor from So Yoga, presents new kids yoga cards

MiniYOGI by So Yoga is currently building a complete kids yoga training! From school teachers who would like to bring yoga into their classrooms, to yoga teachers who want to receive the best practice on kids yoga: this training will be ready in 2021!

Do no hesitate to join the waiting list, and we will keep you posted.

See U soon :-)